divorce mediationGoing through a divorce can be difficult. It can even be more difficult when divorce mediation is not working. If mediation isn’t working, then it may be time to get a divorce attorney. Here is when to get a lawyer.

1. Can’t Agree On Custody Arrangements – If you have kids and you’re going through a divorce, then you and your spouse will need to figure out custody and visitation arrangements. The chances are you and your partner will not agree or come to terms with what the arrangements should be and this is why you should hire a divorce attorney. A good divorce attorney has experience dealing with custody and visitation issues and they will work to make sure you get a fair deal, so always hire a divorce lawyer if you and your spouse have kids together.

2. Property Disputes – Sure, during mediation you and your spouse will discuss property issues, such as who will get property you guys own together or whether or not property will be divided, sold and so forth, but sometimes property issues do not become resolved. If mediation isn’t resolving issues surrounding property you and your partner obtained throughout the marriage, then it’s time to get a divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse own real estate together, cars, vacation homes and other valuable pieces of property, then a divorce lawyer can help make sure you get your fair share of property.

3. Spousal Support – If you or your spouse make a significant amount of money, there’s a chance that one of you will seek spousal support. If mediation doesn’t resolve the issue surrounding spousal support, then get a lawyer as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to get an unfair deal because you didn’t have someone representing your best interests in mind. You don’t want to have to pay an unfair amount, nor do you want to receive an unfair amount, and this is why you should hire a divorce lawyer who has experience with this issue.

The truth is divorces are harder than people realize, and this is especially the case when kids are involved or if there is a significant amount of property involved. This is also the case if you or your spouse seeks spousal support. With that said, if mediation doesn’t seem like it’s working, then you should hire a divorce attorney as soon as possible.