pink lemonadeMost people have heard the urban legend of someone that buys a used car from this sweet old lady, only to find that the car is indeed a lemon and is one of those cars that the person would have been better off to walk away from rather than buy. This has spurred many people to learn about the lemon laws of their individual state when it comes to the automobiles that they buy. No one wants to find themselves in the place in which the car is having to get repaired every other week, but it does happen. So just what can people expect from the Lemon Law? Of course, from state to state the law is going to differentiate just a little bit. But, with that being said, the person is given the protection that should the automobile be repaired for the same problem three to four times, then they have a case, and the car finds itself in having six to eight repairs during the warranty period. The warranty period is the time that is covered, plus four additional years that most states agree is time in which no problems should be reoccurring on this magnitude that has the person not having a vehicle to use.

With that being said, the person needs to realize that with every law there are loop holes that can be used. Therefore, if the person finds that the problem is something that they do not like about the car, then they have no case. For example, let’s say that you do not like the way that the engine sounds, yet it still runs fine, then you have no case. In many cases, if the problem is something that can and does affect the safety of the vehicle, then you automatically have a case no matter how many times the problem has been fixed. For example, if the brakes simplify go out for no reason, this is a huge safety issue and is more than likely one way in which you can get the car taken care of.

For those that think that they may have a car that can be categorized as a lemon, then they must make sure that they are keeping paperwork that shows when they have a problem fixed, how much it cost, and the repeat scenarios of the same problem being fixed. This means keeping all of the work orders that are done on the car in order to have proof of what you are claiming. You should also make sure that you complain to the auto maker since many times they will offer to fix the car for you, which in the end is what you are wanting anyway.

Overall, no one wants to end up with a car that is a lemon, however, it happens more than most people realize. If the person thinks that they qualify for this, then they should start looking into a lemon lawyer, these are those that specialize in these types of cases. They will be better able to give the person advice as to whether they have a good case or not against the auto manufacturer.